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img-newsletter-2The aim of the Newsletter is to provide information on the television markets, in particular the markets for television news in the European Union.

Articles focus on news channels and programmes in particular EU member states (following the timetable of the European Union Presidency), on developments in the pan-European television news market, and also provides information on technology and new methods of distribution.

The Newsletter is edited and produced by the European Audiovisual Observatory on behalf of the DG COMM of the European Commission.


The News View Newsletter is edited and produced by the European Audiovisual Observatory for the DG Communication of the European Commission. The information and analyses published in this newsletter are published solely under the responsibility of the European Audiovisual Observatory. The articles do not represent the point of view of the European Commission.
"The data included in the newsletter and on the website of the newsletter (newsview.eu) are not the ownership of the European Commission and have been partly provided by private companies in the framework of a contract defining rules of restricted access and confidentiality. These data are provided to the European Commission for its internal activities and cannot be communicated to third parties or to the public neither included in publications. Any disclosure of the data will be considered as an infringement by the Commission of its own contractual commitment to respect copyright and confidentiality related to the Newsletter."